1. What kind of “stuff” do you talk about?

Girls PACT talks about all sorts of stuff – home stuff, school stuff, relationship stuff, life stuff.  We know that all this stuff contributes to our feelings.  When we are having negative feelings about ourselves, we compromise our self-worth and engage in self-harm.  Self-harm manifests in a variety of ways including promiscuity, unprotected sex, binge drinking, cutting, recreation drugs and overeating.  Instead of being ashamed of our circumstances, Girl PACT embraces “stuff” and empowers girls to learn from their situations and circumstances rather than engage in self-harming activities.

  1.  How does talking about “stuff” combat unplanned pregnancy?

Girls PACT knows that “stuff”, like low self-esteem, manifests itself in a variety of self-harming behaviors – promiscuity, unprotected sex, binge drinking, cutting, recreation drugs, and overeating, to name a few.   However, our mission is to combat unplanned pregnancy because of its long term impact on the individual, as well as the child and family.  Studies show that one out of every two pregnancies is to a woman who says she is either not ready to have a baby or does not want to have a child at all (Brookings Institution).  Lets face it, most young women ages 15-24 are not ready to have baby and may not know if they want to raise one in the future.  If a woman is already struggling with her stuff (low self-esteem), she is not going to manage the stuff that goes along with being a mom.  Girls PACT teaches young women to love themselves first.  It is our hope that every young woman learns to love herself and chooses to wait to have sex until she is in a truly committed and loving relationship.

  1. Do you teach abstinence?

Girls PACT teaches that abstinence from sexual activity is the only effective method to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD’s/STI’s. However, Girls PACT also teaches other forms of birth control.  We will never tell a young woman what to do or not to do, but we will certainly educate her on her options, should she choose to be sexually active.

  1. Do you give out condoms and birth control?

Girls PACT gives out condoms on occasion, but Girls PACT does not prescribe birth control pills.  We do talk about personal values and how they relate to our relationship choices, though.  And, should a young women decide to be sexually active, Girls PACT will encourage her to be safe.

  1. Do you talk about abortion?

Girls PACT does talk about abortion.  We are always respectful of religious beliefs and personal choice, but certainly discuss the facts and debunk myths related to abortion.  Again, Girls PACT will never tell a young woman what to do or not to do, but we will certainly prepare her for the consequences of her actions.

  1.  There are several young women that are expecting and/or already have a child.  Does Girls PACT welcome teen moms?

Yes!  Statistically, 25% of teen moms have a 2nd child within 24 months of their first baby.  Girls PACT knows that we all make mistakes and it’s these same mistakes that make us stronger.  We value the wisdom and advice of current teen moms and  want to help them manage their stuff, too.

  1. Several of our students are identifying as gay or bi-sexual.  Is Girls PACT for them?

Yes!  Many young women that identify as gay or bi-sexual are at risk for unplanned pregnancy.  Often times, these women are confused and/or ashamed by their feelings and make choices necessary to fit in with their peers.  Sometimes this manifests in drinking, drugs and partner-pressure situations.  Girls PACT empowers all young women – straight, gay, bi, transgender – to be confident in herself and safe in her choices.

  1. Do you have scholarship “stuff”?  

Yes, we have scholarship stuff.  Girls PACT wants every young women to feel good about herself and pursue higher education.  However, sometimes our stuff gets in the way of our goals.   Girls PACT provides “Homegirl Hookups” to our girls that are having “one of those days”.  We will pamper our young women with gym memberships, workout clothes, running shoes, manicures/pedicures, haircuts, massages, bus tokens, gas money, interview suits, fancy handbags, tablets, internships or books if it boosts her self-confidence.  Please click here to tell us about your “stuff” and make your request (Form)

  1.  Girls PACT sounds awesome! How can I bring Girls PACT to campus?

Girls PACT is extremely flexible and willing to meet the needs of your school/organization. Typically, the average group size is 6 people.  We have met before school, during school, at lunch, after school, in the evenings and on the weekend to manage the “stuff” of young women age 15-24.  In the past, we even had a group for couples.  Our work is important to us and we do our best to accommodate.  Please contact Michelle by phone or text at 267-303-0965 or via e-mail at michelle@girlspact.org to discuss the details of your group.

If you wish to contact us with additional questions, please click HERE to contact us.