Changing the world needs volunteers…

Volunteers of all ages (25+), backgrounds, neighborhoods & sex are welcome and encouraged to volunteer with Girls PACT!

We offer a variety of different ways for you to volunteer your time and resources with us – even if you have a crazy schedule:

1. DAY OF HELP – Perfect for those who wish to give a half day when it works for their schedule.

2. JOIN A COMMITTEE – A great way to use your specific talents and interest to work within a small group dedicated to a particular area of focus. No financial obligation, but a wonderful way to fulfill a need within our organization. A small to medium time commitment.

3. BE AN ADVISOR – This is ideal for anyone who has a unique and vital skill to offer Girls PACT but cannot give a great deal of time. A financial obligation gives you the exclusive title of Advisory Member. You will be called upon only when we need guidance in your particular area of expertise. A minimally small to medium time commitment.

4. JOIN OUR BOARD  – If you are looking to get very involved with Girls PACT, work alongside other dedicated members of your community, use your talents and time to create change, and be a part of some exciting decision making – then the board of Directors is for you! Moderate to significant time commitment, financial contributions, and some seriously inspiring board meetings will be involved.

Next Steps…

  1. Learn more about the category that aligns with your interest & level of commitment.
  2. Complete our application and submit it to
  3. Expect to hear from us within 7 days of being in receipt of your application.