To quote the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, “Parents just don’t understand”.  The irony is that parents do understand, but, often times are unable to have the uncomfortable conversations with their children.  For most of us, our parents did not speak of “stuff” – divorce, heart break, domestic abuse, sex, depression, birth control, drugs, violence, regrets, fears…so we did not learn to speak of it with our children. Girls PACT recognizes this communication challenge and is able to have conversations about “stuff” for you.  We exist to be an honest space for young women ages 15-24 to ask questions about stuff, explore feelings, increase self-confidence and develop healthy coping skills to manage their stuff.

In general, Girls PACT meets weekly for young women ages 15-17 (high school) and monthly for young women ages 18-24.  Every meeting typically includes an icebreaker, journal activity, creative project, sharing and closing challenge. Meeting topics include a variety of “stuff”: “What I Stand For”: Discovery of personal values; “Control vs. Respect”: Healthy relationships and effective communication; “Consent vs. Assault”: Age of consent and partner pressure; “4 C’s of Birth Control”: Contraceptives; “Safe Sex”: STDs & STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Sexually Transmitted Infections); “Battle of the Sexes”: Double standards and gender stereotypes; “Poor Mama”: Cost of raising a child (poverty and unequal wages); “Options & Alternatives”: “I might be pregnant! What do I do?!; and, “From the Front-line”: Teen parents tell their story.  Most importantly the conversation meets the needs of each group.

Additionally, Girls PACT will include other “stuff” as it relates to current events and holidays: Valentine’s Day: “I Heart Me”; International Women’s Day; Denim Day; Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month; Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month; Halloween: “Fearless”; Thanksgiving: “Gratitude & Appreciation”; Holiday Season: Stress Relief, Homemade Gifts; Summer: “I Choose Me”; and, sex trafficking.

And, because our young women are so kind and generous, “Girls PACT Cares” encourages girls to select and execute a service project that benefits the community we serve!  This is a great way to earn those needed service hours for high school graduation!

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