Statistics prove that girls with low self-esteem are likely to drop out of school, be promiscuous, have unsafe sex, attempt suicide, abuse drugs and alcohol, develop an eating disorder and cut themselves. 7 in 10 girls feel insecure and, statistically, girls that feel ugly and worthless are 50% more likely to get pregnant than girls that feel good about themselves! (Dove Self-Esteem Fund)  Girls PACT understands the “stuff” young women face and knows that “stuff”, like sex, depression and self-harm is difficult to talk about. So, we created a world for young women to share their “stuff”, ask questions, explore feelings and develop healthy coping skills for managing their “stuff”.

Our Mission is to combat unplanned pregnancy among young women ages 15-24 by revealing the power of self-confidence.

We inspire positive personal values, teach sexual health, develop assertive communication skills and promote healthy relationships. Our comprehensive sexual health curriculum is designed to educate and empower young adults to think critically about all personal relationships.

Girls PACT presents weekly workshops, ongoing events and awareness campaigns to initiate dialogue about relationship stuff, like sex, dating, friendship, love, respect, abuse and boundaries.