Imagine a world where you eat, move, speak and act like you love yourself!


Girls PACT knows we all have “stuff”.

Our “stuff” could be that our parents got divorced, our mom is a drug addict, our feelings are confusing us, our best friend betrayed us, our brother is in prison, our friend is a victim of a violent crime, our uncle touched us, our neighborhood is racist, our father left us, our boyfriend hits us, our mom doesn’t pay attention to us, or even our teachers don’t listen to us.

Girls PACT knows that none of this “stuff” is our fault, but often times we are ashamed by our “stuff”.  If we feel embarrassed by our “stuff”, we are more likely to keep it to ourselves rather than seek the help we need.  And, when we let our “stuff” weigh us down, we are likely to drop out of school, have unsafe sex, abuse drugs and alcohol, develop an eating disorder, cut ourselves and attempt suicide.  The reality is that 7 out of 10 of us are deeply affected by our “stuff” and feel ugly and worthless because of it!  

Girls PACT exists to remind us that our “STUFF” is okay, but it’s not okay to ignore it.  Girls PACT provides a world where it is safe to talk about our dark “stuff”, without judgment, and manage it in healthy way.