Imagine a world where every woman knows her worth and stands strong, calm and confident with her “stuff”…


  • “Stuff” needs a safe place to stay!  Girls PACT, currently based out of an apartment in Venice, is looking for a space for “stuff” to call home.  Ideally, we want a “living room” feel for girls to be comfortable sharing their “stuff”.
  • “Stuff” is certainly universal for girls coast to coast! Girls PACT expects to expand its reach to additional community centers, high schools, and universities nationwide.  Our Girls PACT Founder, an east coast native, is building relationships with fellow alumnae, former teammates, family members and friends in the suburbs of Philadelphia and South Carolina to create satellite Girls PACT families.
  • “Stuff” can be resolved with technology!  Girls PACT will offer online resources, such as a YouTube channel for the larger community.
  • Sometimes “stuff” happens!  Girls PACT will honor its sense of community with a “HOME” for those young women in need of a loving, family environment.  This location will literally be a house for 4-6 young women to learn to live together with their “stuff”.
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